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Did you know?

This year, we have some exciting changes to share with the Clio Community.


Annually, Clio presents “Of the Year” awards to the network, agency, independent agency, advertiser, and production company scoring the most statue points. Our points system has been updated as follows: Grand winners will earn 20 points, Gold 10 points, Silver 6 points, Bronze 3 points, and Shortlisted work will earn 1 point.


Instead of one grand per medium, a jury can now select a grand for each advertiser type product/service, business-to-business, and public service - in each medium.
• Grands are eligible for the first time in the Film Craft medium.


• Reduced pricing for all student work and reduced campaign pricing for professional work.

• No more media handling fees.





You can now upload your individual and company credits to our credit library. Download the credit template to get started!


Entry types will now be known as "advertiser types"


• Creative Business Transformation
• Creative Commerce
• Media

Truly International

Creativity Knows No Borders. Discover some of the entries submitted that reaffirm our commitment to honoring excellence on a global scale.

North America

Corona Fishing Tournament   Clash From The Past

McEnroe v McEnroe   Chatpat 2023   Eos 2023

1   2-1

3   4

5   7

6   8

9   10

11   12

13   14

15   16

17   18

19   20

21   22



Asia Pacific

Samsung Flipvertising .0 (1)   Apple - The Comeback

The Fuel Delivery   Amazing Thailand

Quest for Dyslexia   Phone It In

Knock Knock   Sony Playstation Play Has No Limits

The Dissolving Bottle   Pizza Hut - Man in Box

Unilever Smart Fill   


Latin America

Untitled design (14)     BK x BEDC (8)

Untitled design (10)     Untitled design (6)

Untitled design (12)     Untitled design (9)

Untitled design (8)-2     Untitled design (7)

Untitled design (11)


Middle East & Africa

Are you a student?

Check out past winners, our student jury, and information on student pricing and deadlines.

What to Expect

Entries Are Open

Untitled design (18)

September 18, 2023

Creative Summit

Untitled design (23)
October 16, 2023

Deadline 1

Untitled design (22)

Oct 27, 2023

Jury Announcement

Untitled design (28)
November 2023

Deadline 2

Untitled design (17)
December 15, 2023

Final Deadline

Untitled design (31)

February 2, 2024

Awards Ceremony

Untitled design (15)
May 1, 2024

About Us

Founded in 1959 to honor excellence in advertising, the Clio Awards today celebrates bold work that propels the advertising industry forward, inspires a competitive marketplace of ideas and fosters meaningful connections within the creative community.

Annually, The Clio Awards brings together leading creative talent for an exclusive and collaborative judging experience to select the entries that will win the coveted Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Clio statues. 


Meet the Judges

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Last Year's Award Ceremony

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From Our Entrants

A Clio is a global recognition of my creativity.

Merlee Jayme

Former CCO | Dentsu Creative

Winning a Clio means being part of advertising history.

Emily Miller

Senior Copywriter | BBDO Atlanta

In many ways, that Clios signpost the start of FCB/SIX’s journey into global-calibre awards. It was 2017, the agency was a little over a year old, and our project, “The Call That Comes After” for Drug Free Kids won a Bronze Clio in Direct: Digital/Mobile.

The campaign hadn’t been doing well at other shows. So we were elated. But even more, we were validated. The work was was kind of technical and complicated, and the case study wasn’t perfect. But that Clios jury saw through all that to recognize what we think is still a pretty strong idea and execution.

It was encouraging and emboldening. In the three years since then, we’ve been fortunate to win 12 more Clios, including 6 Golds. But that first Clio – a Bronze – really changed the game for us. We’ll never forget the feeling.

Ian Mackenzie

Former CCO | FCB /Six

I believe the Clios have a very special meaning for those striving to do outstanding creative work. It feels less like a competition and more like a true celebration of creative excellence.

The Clios have managed to stay relevant through time by sticking to a very simple premise: celebrating the very best work of the year. It might seem like an ordinary feat for an award show, but those in the advertising industry know it is anything but. It's an award that has both a connection to our past and a commitment to the future of our industry.

There’s something very special about winning a Clio. It’s less about what it might mean to others, but rather about what it feels like to hold it in your hands. It’s about being proud of the work we are doing together as an industry. And becoming a part of an honorable tradition.

Marcelo Pascoa

Global Head of Brand Marketing | Burger King

I'm now hungrier than ever to win some more statues and inspire the next generation of Clio Award dreamers.

Dean Paradise

Executive Creative Director | GUT

Emily Miller, BBDO Atlanta

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