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Everything You Need To Create A Winning Entry

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Your Time To Shine

Clio Entertainment is the original and definitive celebration of creativity in the entertainment business. Originally established by The Hollywood Reporter in 1971, the awards program recognizes excellence in marketing and communications across film, television, live entertainment, home entertainment and gaming.

Past Entrants

Key Dates

Entries Are Open


April 10, 2024

1st Deadline


June 14, 2024

Jury Chair Announcement


June 27, 2024

Jury Announcement


July 11, 2024

2nd Deadline


July 12, 2024

Final Deadline


August 2, 2024

Judging Begins


Friday, August 23

Highlights from Last Year

2023 Clio Entertainment Awards

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About Us

The Clios were founded in 1959 to celebrate creative excellence in advertising around the world. As the industry expands and evolves, The Clios have developed programs across sports, music, health, entertainment, and more that are tailored to recognize the specific challenges and triumphs of those sectors. The flagship Clio Awards program continues to set a high bar across the globe for all marketers, inspiring the makers of today and tomorrow to pursue boundary-pushing ideas and bringing the community together at our world-class jury retreat and annual awards ceremony.

As a champion for the power of creativity to drive commerce and culture, The Clios are a constant source of inspiration via thought leadership programming, a vast global database of ads at AdsOfTheWorld.com, and a hub for original content at MuseByClios.com.

To learn more about how to enter or view our gallery of award winners, visit Clios.com.

Clio Trophies

What's New




Annually, Clio presents “Of the Year” awards to the network, agency, independent agency, advertiser, and production company scoring the most statue points. Our points system has been updated as follows: Grand winners will earn 20 points, Gold 10 points, Silver 6 points, Bronze 3 points, and Shortlisted work will earn 1 point.

We are excited to introduce a new user interface that should make the process more fluid and intuitive.

In response to the unprecedented circumstances faced by the industry last year, we’re thrilled to announce a six-month extension of the Clio Entertainment eligibility period. We kindly remind participants that any work previously submitted to last year’s competition is not eligible for re-entry. If you do submit repeat work, it will be deemed ineligible and be withdrawn without a refund.




Product Localization Relaunch is for entries marketing an existing property and/or brand to a new market.

You will be asked to submit your audience and what specific content your piece is marketing to ensure better understanding and effectiveness during judging.

You can now upload your individual and company credits to our credit library. Download the credit template to get started!

Ready for Showtime?

Your work deserves it's moment in the spotlight.

Truly International

Just a glimpse of the diverse perspectives that have awed and inspired creatives everywhere

From Our Entrants

The Clio's mean everything to my team, we always say it’s like the Oscars for our community. When there is a Clio win, the whole company is overjoyed and the celebrations last all week. Clients are overjoyed, company morale skyrockets and together we all feel a sense of pride for being able to make an impact within our industry and community. There is no greater honor than winning a Clio.

Jessica Babila

EVP, Digital & Social | Stampede Studios

The Clio Awards has always been about recognizing the very essence of our craft.  It is so rewarding for team members to be recognized for the countless hours spent refining every pixel of design. Clios represents community, a family of creatives striving to elevate the state of marketing design.

Matt Hernandez

SVP Head of Design | Paramount Streaming

Nothing gave me more hope for this industry than judging the Clio Entertainment category back in 2022. I had the opportunity to see such amazing work created (that I somehow missed) and was able to discuss with the other judges about the type of work we want to encourage. This led me to believe that more art is making its way to advertising and it’s an exciting time to be part of this industry.

Akiko Stehrenberger

Movie Poster Illustrator & Designer | Akikomatic LLC

It's important to put the periscope up and see what the industry is doing. To see who is really pushing the bar forwards and upwards for the creative.

John Battle

Head of Global Marketing Creative | Riot Games

We believe in the work that we’re doing but there’s no greater validation of it than getting publicly recognized by your peers.

Aaron Gershman

Vice President, Global Creative Advertising | Lionsgate